SN Rating Plugin Configuration


In order to configure the plugin correctly it is important to be aware with the purpose and features offered by different configuration tabs. Described below are the quick summary of the three tabs. Each tab will be elaborated in detail in detail section

Rating Configuration tab

This tab allows the webmaster to enable the rating features for supported post types. For e.g. you may only want to enable ratings for posts.

Rating Parameters Configuration tab

This tab allows the webmaster to add different ratings. This represents what the webmaster would like the users to rate on. Some examples of rating parameters are accuracy-How much accurate the content was, Relevance-How much relevant the content was. This helps in assigning rating based on post types.

Analytics & Sharing Configuration tab

Analytics & Sharing Configuration tab groups three logic sections-

1. Theme Rating scale. Rating theme represents how the rating would look like. Scale is the essentially the point system (for e.g. scale of 3-represents good, average and bad.)  This tab allows the webmaster to add different ratings.

2. Location Tracking. This is an analytic feature which captures the IP location of the user. This helps in the gauging the region wise users engagement to the content. This helps a lot in knowing what and where it is working and not working.

3. Social sharing. Enable sharing of rating on Facebook and twitter to promote the post or content.

You would have noticed by now that Rating parameters and advanced tab creates building blocks which is consumed on the general tab to create custom ratings per post types.

Here are two scenarios which will reinforce the purpose of the three tabs

“I would like to configure 3 points accuracy ratings for my pages with a red star image theme”

“I would like to configure 2 points relevant ratings for comments with a green star image theme”


Now that you understand the three tabs let us deep dive and start configuring the tabs.

Rating Configuration tab

  1. Enable the content type for rating assignment by checking the check box under enable rating column. Click on “Save changes” button.  This will enable the “Edit theme” and “Assign Rating Parameters” links under action menu.managePosts
  2. Click on the edit theme link to assign the appropriate theme and hit save changes. To reiterate theme is an image used for showing the rating. Shown below is a snap shot of the dialog box assign_theme_box
  3. Click on “Assign Rating Parameters” link to assign the rating parameter and hit save changes.  Shown below is a snap shot of the dialog boxAssignRatingParameters

Rating Parameters Configuration Tab

  1. This is a straight forward screen. Add your rating parameter appropriate for the post type and hit save changes. You can also edit or delete exiting rating parameters from this screen.RP

Analytics & Sharing Configuration tab

  1. Select the theme you would like to edit.
  2. Assign the rating scale.It needs to be a whole number.
  3. Enable the demographic mode if you would like to capture the IP of users who rated. Please ensure that you download and extract Gzip File containing IP with location mapping information to root directory of sn_rating plugin (wp-content\plugins\sn_rating folder)
  4. Enable the social sharing if  you would like users to share the rating on social media (As of now Facebook and twitter only).
  5. Edit the text appropriately. This text will appear as a FB status or a tweet on twitter.
  6. Hit the save changesdemographic-step-4

You are all set now :).